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Toyrific 360 Amphibious Stunt Attack Remote Control Car

As if performing crazy flips and executing super spins wasn’t enough, the Toyrific RC Stunt Psycho can also ride on water!

The remote control car for kids comes with an incredibly simple radio controller. Kids simply push the two controls up or down to manipulate the remote control stunt car and perform phenomenal tricks and flips! Among the awesome stunts that the remote control racing car can execute are cool wheelies and amazing 360° spins. It can even self-right itself if it tumbles over! This super remote control stunt car may be amphibious like a froggy but it’s a trillion times better looking and a zillion times more speedy!

Youngsters will love speeding through a puddle or over a pond, pulling off epic wheelies and super stunts along the way. With the Toyrific RC Stunt Psycho the play possibilities are endless!
Suitable Ages 3 Years +
Battery Information 4 x AA Batteries, not included, 1 x 9V battery, not included
Safety Instructions Warning Choking Hazard! Contains small parts! Not suitable for children under 36 months!


  • 1 x RC Stunt Psycho, 1 x Radio controller
  • Suitable for land or water
  • 4 x AA battery operated (not included)
  • Box size W: 27cm x H: 19.5cm x 32cm

Price: £34.99

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