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Bubble Gum Base Coat and Cold Water Top Coat Surfboard Wax

The Bubble Gum Original formula has been keeping surfers stuck to their boards since 1983. Dont let the fun scent fool you, our original formula is used for serious grip in every condition by top surfers all over the world. Using only the finest ingredients and made in the USA.
A Harder Basecoat formula provides Stability Under Foot with a long lasting surface texture that can hold the softer Topcoat wax in place and prevent it from moving or rubbing away at strategic points on the deck of your surfboard.
Once you have a firm Basecoat, your Topcoat wax can be much softer and stickier than anything you could use without a Basecoat

Each pack contains 1x Topcoat and 1 x Basecoat block of wax

Price: £4.00

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